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Christian Americans should again stop taking everything for face value, especially the things told to us by the press. It is time for us to start getting smart and stop letting the TV and other idols get in the way between God and us. If we were to start looking at TV and other such amusement as what it really is, some if not all of you, would agree that it is from this World (Satan) and is one of the biggest reasons why Christians don’t study their Bibles like they should. 

The Eternal Oath

The truth, is being muffled so that the general public either doesn't see it at all or because of the so-called "Fake News" can't realize that it is the truth. This is all a part of psychological operations targeted at producing an information war where disinformation, misinformation, and censorship has make it very difficult to read between the lines. Especially for those who are used to trusting the mainstream media and government systems, and tend not to question anything.

Trump Qanon


This documentary was made by researcher and author Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands with the help of countless 'Anons' from around the world: "It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing but the truth.

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Medical Dictatorship


People like me have seen through this masquerade party called the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. I and others believe that the real reasons this pandemic sets new standards for a “New Normal” have nothing to do with the COVID-19-causing virus. By now lots of people have awakened to realize that this narrative was constructed by the elite to usher in the new age, the great reset and the rewritten United Nations Agenda 2020 the new Agenda 2030. The new age has lots in store for us, the “great global economic reset” being one of them, and the “great disclosure” being another.


That I have come to realize though is these requirements, being sold to us as recommendations to slow the spread of the virus, in fact is a psychological war on us as humans; that has the ability to cause symptoms closely related to those of the virus it is supposed to protect us from. The measures thought up by this medical dictatorship, like being dictated to stay at home, wear a facemask when you are out of the house, and other draconian measures are nothing less than a type of torture. Disigned I believe in part to make you feel stressed for prolonged periods of time. Could these measures actually be satanic in nature and used as some sort of perverted Illuminati initiation ritual?

1In an Amnesty International Report on Torture there are 4 elements of torture:

  1. At least 2 persons torturer and victim(s). The victim is under physical control of the torturer.
  2. Infliction of acute and pain and suffering. Including psychological pain and suffering.
  3. Intention of the torturer is to make the victim submit, to break his will and destroy his humanity.
  4. The torture is a systematic activity with a rational purpose. That purpose can be confession, information, punishment or as a political weapon to set an example for others.

The definition of torture adopted here is: "Torture is the systematic and deliberate infliction of acute pain in any form by one person on another, or on a third person, in order to accomplish the purpose of the former against the latter."

It goes on to explain as well how torture is used in causing stress.

  1. Acute: short-lived (shock response)
  2. Sub-acute: medium term (anxiety response while maintaining morale and personal integrity)
  3. Chronic. Long-term (depression, suicidal ideation, dissociation, derealization, regression
  4. Chronic: long-standing (depression, denial, dissociation, thought and memory problems, regression, prone to accident, lose will to live, suicide.)

Psychological torture to the point of chronic stress can result in physical illnesses:

Note the symptoms of long-standing chronic stress...

'Giving Up,' or losing the will to live, could also take other forms: men become susceptible to illnesses like bronchopneumonia, to psychosmatic diseases such as duodenl ulcers, asthma and bronchitis, even so bad as coronary disease, T. B., and even to cancer.

Following is a Grafic from the Biderman Report on communist brainwashing techniques:

Biderman Grafic on communist brainwashing techniques


Amazing Polly, a very good researcher and video blogger, made a video explaining the effects of prolonged psychological stress (taken from Amnesty International Report on Torture) due to the COVID-19 'limit the spread' dictates.

Amazing Polly - “Is This Torture”2

Another video that Amazing Polly did shows how this medical dictatorship has taken away our humanity and explains that the draconian edicts or regulations to 'slow the spread' of COVID-19 are very similar to methods used to bring about totalitarianism.


It's Your Funeral - Stand up now


In the above video Polly explains that Social distancing is nothing more than a method used by the elite ruling class to suppress people. Polly uses excerpts out of "The origins of Totlitarianism," written by Hannah Arendt in 1951.


Hanna Arendt


Not only do I believe that the draconian medical dictatorship and its bureaucratic rules to 'slow the spread' of COVID-19 are destructive, I believe it serves more than one purpose.

  1. Through its torture-like nature oppresses truth-seekers and the general public into suppression, breaking their will, and destroying or distorting their humanity.
  2. Through the totalitarian war-like enforcement methods conditions the public to accept harder draconian laws.
  3. By keeping a person in a constant state of fear, either of fines and other repercussions when non-compliant, or actual fear of an eventual contamination of the virus. This puts people in a state-of-mind that keeps them from thinking critically, and for the meek and obedient it quiets them completely.
  4. Along with the rules for personal safety there are a number of destructive rules laid on small businesses, that add to the weight of the list above, and are being used to destroy the middle class. Make poor people poorer, and cause people to loose their jobs and their financial livelihoods. The Corbett Report did a great video on the subject that no one is talking about - the adverse effects of lock-downs.These adverse effects are important for the NWO, Agenda 2030, GCR (Global Currency Reset). Its all part of a global effort to force vaccinations and more draconian '1984-like' law introduction.

Visit the...



What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns

If the fouth purpose, no. 4 listed above is unbelievable then check out the COVID Transformation Map to see for yourself what is in store for us...

Global Economic Forum's Strategic Intelligence Webpage.


Transformation map


Joe M Post


Slave Masks


Following is an excerpt out of a Wicked Truths article: Face masks can’t stop COVID-19, unhealthy, illegal, social engineering and initiation ritual for UN Agenda 20305

In context of COVID-19, mantras like ‘the new normal’ refer to repetition and trauma to our loss of freedom and violent police suppression. Isolation also induces trauma and is used as a torture technique e.g. as a severe punishment for inmates or war captives. It’s an important tool in the tear-down-process and was visible under the self-isolation measure.

To be clear, the ruling class catapulted the whole world in a global scale satanic initiation ritual. But why and what is this new mindset they try to introduce?

List of 30 studies showing face masks are useless against COVID-19


 The real reasons behind UN Agenda 21/30

Ref no. 6


Have you ever heard of the phase "medical satanism"


medical satanism

Introducing: The COVID-19 Vaccine, this is where we are now

everything after this line will be updated daily...

 13 December 2020Nurses Refuse Vaccine





Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine analysis



Astra Zeneca COVID-19 Impfstoffanalyse - Deutsche Untertitel



A nurse collapses after recieving the COVID-19 Vaccine



The death of Tiffany Pontes Dover



21 December 2020

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi with Laura Ingraham

23 December 2020

Pharma Company Biontech CEO protects his Workers from their own Vaccine


As of the day before yesterday, UK has vaccinated just over 100000 people. Within 4 days, 3150 of them could no longer perform normal daily activities, were unable to work, needed medical or nursing assistance... Source:

Vax in UK


Brazilian President makes fun of the COVID-19 Vaccine

 25 December 2020

Doctor NO Vaccine






America Online News explains the misconstrued COVID-19 Death Numbers



"Die Große Masken-Lüge"


no vax


Ernst Wolff mit wohl einer der besten Reden der Zeitgeschichte



See Also my last article, written by Amazing Polly:      Honest Experts are trying to Warn You!

This is also the end of my research and work to wake people up to the COVID-19 hoax, and the danger of taking this COVID-19 Vaccine. After this line I will be updating this webpage with news and information of the side-effects and possible deaths of those people who have taken the  COVID-19 Vaccine.





 This page will no longer be updated. Check out the *BREAKING NEWS* link instead....


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