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Our Redemption is near
Could these days actually be the beginning of sorrows told to us by Jesus?
New Age Teachings
Please don't get caught up in this false teaching!
The New Spaceforce
Why would we need a spaceforce?
The new Gestapo
Are we heading for a fascist police state?
Alien Control
Are they aliens or fallen Angels?
Our Guidebook
I am the way the truth and the Life!
The Greys
Aleins, Demons or gene-manipulated workers?
Who is pulling the strings?
Are we being governed by no one less than Satan himself?

Rapbellions- Ich mache da nicht mit...


Christian Americans should again stop taking everything for face value, especially the things told to us by the press. It is time for us to start getting smart and stop letting the TV and other idols get in the way between God and us. If we were to start looking at TV and other such amusement as what it really is, some if not all of you, would agree that it is from this World (Satan) and is one of the biggest reasons why Christians don’t study their Bibles like they should. 

The Eternal Oath

The truth, is being muffled so that the general public either doesn't see it at all or because of the so-called "Fake News" can't realize that it is the truth. This is all a part of psychological operations targeted at producing an information war where disinformation, misinformation, and censorship has make it very difficult to read between the lines. Especially for those who are used to trusting the mainstream media and government systems, and tend not to question anything.

Trump Qanon


This documentary was made by researcher and author Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands with the help of countless 'Anons' from around the world: "It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing but the truth.

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 Rhino RAOC

     Our unit deployed in response to a global reserve call-up to support Operation Enduring Freedom. Our unit’s overall mission was to operate a Rear Area Operations Center (RAOC) in a number of different Forward Logistic Bases. This consisted of three main functions; terrain management, command and control and force protection. This mission changed somewhat in diversity and length throughout the deployment. This was due to our constant engagement in the setting up of different Logistic bases. I will try to explain this as well as possible throughout this narrative.

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Here are the pictures of the Renovation work I did in the attic


of the house where I lived in 2005.

The design for this small office space and storage spaces in the angles of the roof


I did myself.


Not much has changed since then.




If you are interested there are more project

that I have done throughout the years,

but I haven't done the slideshows for them yet, so come back again

and they might be completed.


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Here are some pictures of me laying brick for my friend

Mr. Stipanov in Kaiserslautern.

This is the first garden wall that I both designed

and built.


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