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This is where our family can express themselves!


"This is Our Family Website. All family and extended-family members are welcome to share pictures, videos, and other media with the rest of the world or just with the Bowen, Bryant, Cardenas, Davis, Hall, Hook, Simmons, Tanner, Underwood, Yates, Pritsch, and Macrory family Clans."

All of the Family Webpages could be used as new Portfolios or they could compliment other existing ones.

Great Deception in the Church

Actually looking in the Bible is the only way for a true Christian to find TRUTHS. Taking any one 'person’s' teachings blindly and at face value about anything dealing with God and His Kingdom, without discernment is more like a sin. Are big changes taking place in your church? Has the expository preaching of the Word of God been replaced by lectures in “Psychology 101?” Have the messages from the pulpit been so permeated with “tolerance” that sin is no longer identifiable? 

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This is Our Family Website. All family and extended-family members are welcome to share pictures, videos, and other media with the rest of the world or just with the Bowen, Bryant, Cardenas, Davis, Hall, Hook, Simmons, Tanner, Underwood, Welch, Yates, Pritsch, and Macrory family Clans.

Here all of us will have our own profiles and blogs. Because we are spread across the World, this website should give us a way to share our life other than Facebook, Instagram, and Co. that are more into censorship and selling private information than actually allowing people to share thier world view and opinion with others. This page was mainly meant for all family members that are much like myself, who want to share pictures of the kids and other personal information, not with everybody in the world, but with their family, good friends and relatives. So this is it, I hope it is a place that becomes rich with wonderful family memories.

This website is still evolving so stay tuned to all the wonderful changes and new possibilities. If you feel interested please register, all users that are also family members will have other entitlements so they can help make this website their website. On this website we the family members are the creators of the pages herein.

For those of you having a problem understanding the purpose of this website please read my article "My Vision" for more insight.

If your interested then get registered today and get started!


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Micheal James Macrory Yates Simmons was born as the olderst son of Patrica Joan Macrory Yates in 1945 after World War II ended. In 1966 Micheal James Macrory  Yates Simmons got a letter in the mail by the president of the United States Lyndon Baines Johnson  to join the 9th infantry division in the vietnam war. During the vietam war Micheal James Macrory Yates Simmons was exposed to Agent Orange which gave him Orange Cancer. Which he died later in his old age. He went to a Bible College and became a lisence baptist minister in the seventies. Micheal James Macrory Yates Simmons was a 16 year war veteran in the Unitied States Army of the president of the United States. In 1982 Michael James Macrory Yates Simmons married Roswitha Baston II Pritsch Macory Yates Simmons thy lived together 37 years until the good Lord took him  home.


9th infantry


Micheal James Macrory Yates Simmons,died at the age of 70 years old, in Bad Hersfeld Germany  on the 29th of January 2015. And was set by in Houston Texas at a veteran cemetery. I will miss him with all of my heart and hope that when I get to heaven I can hear his uncanny jokes again and laugh with him before Jesus. I LOVE YOU MICHEAL JAMES MACRORY YATES SIMMONS MY HUSBAND, FRIEND AND TEACHER OF THE WORD OF GOD WHICH YOU TEACHED TO ME FOR MANY YEARS, AND I MISS YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART.


Left to honor his memory  his mother Patrica Joan Macrory Yates,and his grandmothers Mrs Lee and Ann Lory Macrory Yates, his beloved wife, Roswitha Baston II Pritsch Macory Yates Simmons a Privat Investigator and Law Enforcement Officer of the Unitied States Army of the president of the United States ; brothers, Dennis Welch and Keith Welch; sister, Susie Welch.

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Unsere Familien Genealogie

Wie viele amerikanische Familien sind wir sehr multikulturell. Unser Familienstammbaum wird ständig um neue Mitglieder (Verwandte) erweitert, und es ist eine sehr herausfordernde Aufgabe, mit ihnen Schritt zu halten. Ich habe meinem Stammbaum viele Nachkommen und Vorfahren hinzugefügt, aber es gibt immer einige Verwandte, die weggelassen wurden, weil ich sie nie persönlich gekannt habe. Dies ist der Hauptgrund, warum ich eine Datenbank gefunden habe, in der Familienmitglieder Informationen zu verstorbenen Familienmitgliedern oder Familienangehörigen und Verwandten, die sich nicht selbst hinzufügen oder ihre eigenen Informationen aktualisieren können, hinzufügen, bearbeiten oder aktualisieren können.

Liebe Freunde und Verwandte Ich möchte meine erweiterte Familien-Website (Datenbank) auf genealogy.simmons-net.de präsentieren.


Familienmitglieder können den vollständigen Zugang zu unserem erweiterten Familienstammbaum anfordern. In einigen Fällen, in denen alle Familienmitglieder heute leben, werden keine Informationen angezeigt, sofern es sich bei der betrachteten Person nicht um einen registrierten Datenbankbenutzer handelt. Verwenden Sie den "Anmelden"-Link unten. Nicht registrierte Benutzer können eine Mitgliedschaft anfordern, die vom Datenbankadministrator genehmigt werden muss. (Wenn Sie Ihr Mobiltelefon verwenden, um diese Seite anzuzeigen, verwenden Sie das Dropdown-Menü unten und klicken Sie auf den Link "Anmelden".).





HAFTUNGSAUSSCHLUSS: Die Integration dieser Datenbank in unsere Familien-Website kann zu Problemen führen, die das Anzeigen der Datenbank erschweren, da es sich bei einer Website um eine andere Website handelt. Dies kann zu Problemen führen, z. B. beim Anzeigen mit intelligenten Geräten, Smartphones, Tablets und Co. Ich empfehle die Anzeige dieser Website mit einem Laptop oder PC. Dies ist zwar nur ein echtes Problem, wenn Sie die Datenbank über unsere Familienwebsite anzeigen. Das alleinige Anzeigen der Datenbank auf intelligenten Geräten sollte kein Problem verursachen.

Bitte lesen Sie unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen, um Informationen über Ihre Privatsphäre zu erhalten.


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I've always wanted a place to share my children's pictures with other loved ones, a place to share my thoughts. Well I think I've found just that place on the Internet, a place that not only I can do all of this, but do all of this for my loved ones as well. My vision is to have a website that is secure and private, a webspace that can be kept secret to the World and only seen by loved ones. This webspace should be administered by perferrably a trusted family member or real trusted freind.

Well because I know a little about the material I've decided to do it myself. In this day in age where most Webspace providers are looking to make money off of the pictures we upload or the poems, and other written content we share, a website like this couldn't come any sooner. Right now a great example of this is of course is how the largest social media platform Facebook has broken its promise to protect our private info. A simple "sorry" is just not enough for me. I don't necessarily like Facebook for this and other reasons, although they have made some good changes to the privacy settings I don't neccesarily like their privacy policy and their ties to the CIA. Oh I use Facebook and I'm kind of used to using it. I use it to show mainly family members and friends pictures and such. Facebook will always be with us and I will be using it here in this website as well. I was always afraid of posting my childrens pictures on Facebook though. I know I probably could have posted pictures of my children in Facebook and had the privacy settings set so that only relatives and family members could see them. What I didn't want to do was to give them to a corporation to use them how they wanted, and lose my soveriegn rights to those pictures.

I want my own "My Space / Facebook" type community full of nothing but relatives and real fiends!

Let's turn this Family Website into a striving community.

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Our Family Genealogy


Like many American families we are very multicultural. There are constantly new members (relatives) being added to our family tree and keeping up with them is a very challanging task. I have added many decendants and ancesters to our family tree, but there are always some relatives that have been left out because I never knew them personally. This is the main reason I have found a database that allows family members to add themselves, edit, or update information on either deceased family members or those family members and relatives that cannot add themselves or update their own information. 

Loving freinds and relatives I am proad to present Our Extended Family Website (database)  at genealogy.simmons-net.de

  Family members are welcome to request full access to our Extended Family Tree. In some cases where all of the family members are  living today no information is shown unless the person viewing is a registered database user. Use the " Sign in " link below unregistered users can request a membership that has to be approved by the database administrator. (For those of you using your cellphone to view this page use the drop-down menu below and find the "Sign in " link.).






DISCLAIMER: Integrating this database into our family website might cause some problems to arise that make the viewing thereof difficult as we are dealing with one website showing another website. This could lead to problems like the viewing with smart devices, smartphone, tablet, and Co. I suggest viewing this site with a laptop or PC. Although this is only a real problem when viewing the database through our family website. Viewing the database alone on smart devices shouldn't cause a problem. 

Please read our Privacy Policy for information around your privacy.


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