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Benny 2007

In loving memory2 bright

   Bennie 2006

  * Bad Hersfeld Germany on 12 February 1996

† Heringen on the 14 of January 2008


     Benjamin was always a very inquisitive and bright boy. Like many boys older than himself he would continually ask me and his mother questions about everything imaginable. From the moon, stars, and everything else under the sun. He had a very happy, loving, and laid-back kind of demeanor, he had a really big heart. After he was old enough to walk I took him everywhere that I went. Benny was my Mini-Me.

     Benny was fascinated with outer space. Before his untimely death, he knew the exact distances from the planets, the distance they had between them, the distance they had from the sun, and the distance they had from Earth. "Star Wars" was one of his all-time favorite films, which is why we used "Star Wars" as the theme for his gravestone. He knew very well of his American roots and was proud of that. Anything that would interest him he would try to become a little expert in those subjects, always surprising us with his new-found knowledge. He always liked to let people know how much he knew. 

     Benny, like me, had Scoliosis which is a curvature of the spinal column. And when he was still a toddler he had a bad case of neurodermatitis which got so bad I remember having to shorten our Texas Vacation because the weather was too hot and it was making his symptoms worse,

     From 2003 to 2004 I was involved in the Iraq War and in Operation Iraqi Freedom. By this time Benny was between 7 and 8 years old, old enough to understand a little about the danger I was in. He would often watch the news with his mother. The Germans had a special program for the kids that brought news about the war in Iraq and other subjects to help them not be so scared and taught them in a way that they could understand what was going on. After I came home Benny acted in a way a much older child would act. He grew up really fast during that year.

Benny was a born-again Christian and loved the Lord.    

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