My Vision




I've always wanted a place to share my children's pictures with other loved ones, a place to share my thoughts. Well I think I've found just that place on the Internet, a place that not only I can do all of this, but do all of this for my loved ones as well. My vision is to have a website that is secure and private, a webspace that can be kept secret to the World and only seen by loved ones. This webspace should be administered by perferrably a trusted family member or real trusted freind.

Well because I know a little about the material I've decided to do it myself. In this day in age where most Webspace providers are looking to make money off of the pictures we upload or the poems, and other written content we share, a website like this couldn't come any sooner. Right now a great example of this is of course is how the largest social media platform Facebook has broken its promise to protect our private info. A simple "sorry" is just not enough for me. I don't necessarily like Facebook for this and other reasons, although they have made some good changes to the privacy settings I don't neccesarily like their privacy policy and their ties to the CIA. Oh I use Facebook and I'm kind of used to using it. I use it to show mainly family members and friends pictures and such. Facebook will always be with us and I will be using it here in this website as well. I was always afraid of posting my childrens pictures on Facebook though. I know I probably could have posted pictures of my children in Facebook and had the privacy settings set so that only relatives and family members could see them. What I didn't want to do was to give them to a corporation to use them how they wanted, and lose my soveriegn rights to those pictures.

I want my own "My Space / Facebook" type community full of nothing but relatives and real fiends!

Let's turn this Family Website into a striving community.