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A New Age Symbol

by Foster Bailey

Read about the New Age Symbol

This symbol indicates some of the significant forces and deeper factors now increasingly operating as the new age advances.

The symbol is set in a limitless field of blue, which signifies the sphere of life expression of our solar Logos, who is said to be a deep blue, second-ray Logos. The potency and quality of his pervading life maintains and conditions all within the solar system including the life and destiny of our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara. It is the most powerful factor which we are able to touch mentally.

The golden disc, against which the triangle and the star appear, symbolises the all inclusive background of our life on this planet. Sanat Kumara may look through it. We look at it, being aware of its reality. It is spoken of in that most ancient of all mantrams, the Gayatri: "Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disc of golden light, that we may know the truth".

Behind the entire symbol, extending beyond the disc of golden light, emerges the cosmic cross, which is found in the consciousness of the great ones on that distant sun, Sirius.  This cosmic cross is the origin of all the cross symbology as perceived and used by humanity down through the ages.

As evolution proceeds, spiritual potencies ebb and flow. In the coming age certain forces are available to Sanat Kumara not formerly at his disposal. This is largely so because he has achieved an expansion of solar consciousness, or, as we might put it, "taken an initiation".

Some of these forces are partially available in the council chamber of Shamballa, and from thence in the Hierarchy led by the Christ.  Our symbol touches only a few of these new potencies and includes a blend of both the old age and the new. It is the perfecting of this blend which is a supreme task of the Christ at this time. A blend must be achieved which is suitable to the condition of humanity as it is now.

The triangle superimposed upon the disc is yellow, because that is the colour of buddhi. The Hierarchy functions on the buddhic plane, so-called, and the potencies of this triangle make their entry into our planetary life there. This triangle is formed by the three great extra-planetary entities now aiding the Plan for the planet, and especially standing behind the Christ to aid his work for humanity. The values they bring, therefore, reach us primarily through him. Their influence on human consciousness is of transcendent power. How that power is used is up to us, and will be constructive if we respond to the Christ.

One of these great beings is known to us as the Lord Buddha. This, however, limits our understanding far too much. His work as the founder of what has become the Buddhist religion, is completely transcended. He, like the Lord of the World himself, has achieved an expansion of consciousness, making him now of extra-planetary potency. He brings a balancing wisdom especially adapted to human need. He is the closest of the three to the Christ. He stands at the right hand of the Christ, depicted, therefore, at the lower right hand point of the triangle.

At the lower left hand point stands the great Entity who carries the potency of solar equilibrium, now newly available to Sanat Kumara. He Is referred to by the Master Djwhal Khul as the "spirit of equilibrium", and also as the "spirit of peace, the peace that passeth all understanding". The active agent of peace is goodwill, which will find ultimate expression in the human family as established right relations. Right human relations are the practical goal of the coming Christ in the new age.

At the top of this new and unique triangle stands the Avatar of Synthesis, whose direct influence is now identifiable in the human consciousness in emerging trends. He is the most potent of the three in relation to mass consciousness at this time. His permeating influence hastens the realisation by humanity that, in fact, we live in one world as one humanity with a common destiny.

Such, in brief, indicates a small part of the significance of the new triangle now standing behind the Christ to aid his work.

Superimposed upon the triangle of new age forces is the five pointed star of the Christ. This star has been his vehicle in the human family during the entire Piscean era. It has been, and is today, of marvellous potency. The Star is blue because it represents as much of the solar quality to which humanity can respond.

Humanity today, in mass consciousness, is largely the product of Piscean pressures. Although we are already entering the Aquarian age, the established rhythms of the old era are still dominating humanity as a whole and will do so for what may seem to us a long time. Were the Christ to abandon the old and go all out for the new, the automatic inevitable revolt of the sons of men would crucify us all. The old and the new must merge. The problem is not a fight to kill out the old, but a wise and rightly timed infiltration of the new into the boiling cauldron of our times.

Our symbol, therefore, blends the two eras and rightly pictures the work of the Christ today and the forces he must wield. The point in the centre is the place where the Christ stands. It is the centre of the star, the centre of the triangle, and the centre of the disc of golden light.

From that centre he works, and as he works the cross of the new era emerges. This is the equal-armed cross, reflecting its cosmic archetype, which will in its own right become the cross of humanity in the days to come. It symbolises the balanced life of right relation to God through aspiration and right relation to man through service and sharing. Eventually we shall know and live by the fact that nothing actually belongs to any individual man.

By focusing attention on this centre of power in our symbol, illumination comes. Concentration on this point, where the Christ stands, reveals the entire field; this, according to our individual spiritual status.

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