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 Today I will talk to you of New Beginnings.

 I say to you –

 To honour each day as a new experience, for it truly is such.

As you shower or bathe, always see this as a cleansing of the spirit – a renewal of the self – a baptism of love - and allow the water to flow through the entire being to refresh the spirit. 

At the end of each day, offer up your struggle to thy Father and know that he always hears you, and at the beginning of each day – start afresh without the baggage of the day before, so that you may enjoy your existence and truly experience the wonders that are ever available to you.

The celebration of my birth is the time of new beginnings and this is renewed each year – each cycle – at this time.  It is the continual promise of God that new beginning is always possible – it will always be so.

Within the cycles of nature there is always the promise of new beginnings and so it must be for all living things. 

In truth, there is always balance within the whole – it is the fear of loss and the memory of the lack of balance that often drives you into a desperate situation.  If you but could recognize that there is never loss in the true flow there would be a growing confidence to experience all that there is in each moment.

To truly feel around you and know the level of support that there is always available for each and every living being – no matter how small or how large – no matter how evolved or how young – no matter at what level one is choosing to experience – it is all around and in that there is no loss and no loneliness, not for a single moment.

At this time of celebration, mankind extends his love beyond the known and touches many that he would not normally take the time to touch in a day.  The stranger on the street becomes someone to greet, the old lady up the road is spoken to, strangers (who are truly only those you have not recognized as your brothers and sisters) at the very least receive a smile – and the difference is enormous for you have reached out and truly touched another.

Take the time in each day to renew and begin afresh – to see life as a strong of moments where there is no past and no future for in each moment is the hand of God.



Today I would like to talk to you on life - living the experience. 


To truly live is the greatest gift that the Father has offered. To live and to fully experience each moment, free of guilt and suppression, to live as a child in full wonderment of the joy of just being alive - that is truly living.


As a child, there is a sense of innocence in all action.  A child does not understand the reaction of those around them to their freedom of expression.  They just are,  for they do not now the meaning of fear - this is not a natural state for them.  Fear becomes a learned behaviour, for many see the freedom of expression of a child as threatening their known comfort zone. 


Children are  free because they honour their journey without fear and guilt and blame - this is a natural state of being and in that they have great wisdom.


Those on the Earth have chosen the 4th Ray as its overriding expression to return to the Father - the Fourth Ray being Harmony through Chaos.  This struggle is within all who evolve on Earth. The chaos must come before the harmony and that is evident everywhere you look. 


When a child is young, the feeling levels are high and in that they have a great love of the Earth and being close to the Earth.  Every cell is enlivened by this experience and it is pure expression in each moment.  They remember who they are and they do not know of the terms sin or judgment and they do not see evil in anything, they just experience, they want to touch everything and experience everything intensely.


When a child feels their  purity is doubted they fall within the illusion and their eyes become closed to the truth - they forget who they are.


Many of you in male bodies are still searching for this experience again, that of every cell being heightened and alive.  You look the only way you know how,   through physical gratification,  to try and relive this memory of being fully alive.  You look for the sexual experience constantly in order to regain some of the feeling that you know is possible. This is but a fleeting moment and yet you search again and again only to loose the experience and then to travel the road of guilt and remorse.   If you could but understand what you are truly looking for your road would be shorter. 


Many of you also move away from touching anything with intensity or from truly experiencing the Earth,  for you fear to feel that deeply again, and you fear the pure passion within the self.  Many are afraid of the freedom of children and of experiencing nature and withdraw from all deeper experiences for they judge themselves as evil and they are afraid of being exposed by the innocence of children and of the purity and intensity of  nature.


 In the beginning of the journey of the soul, the eyes must remain closed to the truth that lays within the heart but along the journey there comes a time when the God spark within ignites and causes the traveler to look within.  For some time after, the eyes flutter open and then close again but as the eyes become used to looking at the light they eventually adjust and flutter more and more until those very same eyes remain open with only an occasional flutter.  . Until the spark is fully reclaimed the eyes remain closed.  The more the eyes adjust to the light, the longer the eyes remain open until one day they flutter no more. This is the completion of the journey


I too walked this road but in many ways I chose an easy path, for I returned to the Father while many others chose to walk a longer road. What I gave up was the fullness of the journey - this is what I truly gave up.  I came to leave behind me a blueprint of experience for the day when you were ready to open your eyes.


The joy of all existence lies within your experience - within your deep feeling levels.


Do not be afraid to live - for that is what God intended.




On appearances

Many ask me if they could change the way they look – the common thought is “if I can create my reality can I change the way I look?” “Can I grow new teeth” “Can I be tall/short/ etc.”   Well the short answer to that is “yes” all things are possible, but the truthful answer to that question is “for what purpose”.  Are you truly not already a radiant being, perfect for the expression of this time?

 I would also say to you that you choose the way you look in this current expression and this is for a reason – perhaps there are lessons to learn here – perhaps there is a desire to look like the last expression that you choose – or another expression that you yet may choose at some time in the future.   I do say to you to remember that you choose your current body, you choose your parents and you also chose your circumstances for a reason – a very good reason – and you must feel beyond present personal attachment to feel whether a change is truly necessary, or just a lower desire or an attempt to avoid the lesson that you choose for yourself.  Perhaps it is also a way of getting some negative proof – for if there is a negative response from the self you can guarantee that there is also something further to learn from these circumstances.

I say to you, look beyond the physical expression to what truly matters – your heart – and see from there if a change of appearance is truly that important.  There is such beauty in all of you – yes, each and every one, for truly there are none that are not the sons and daughters of God and in that how could you not be beautiful.  Look again in your mirror and see the God spark within and in that you will find your true beauty, your everlasting beauty.


Be at peace.





Behold my children.  Today I wish to speak on the various forms of worship for it is time to break down the barriers of the past and for all to see that they have the freedom to worship God in their own way.

There has been so much suffering in the name of God and in the fight for individual or group beliefs to be supreme.  I wish you to look beyond your current belief systems and know that all have the right to follow their chosen way to God – do not judge your brothers and sisters for their differences but look beyond and see God within all creatures.   All are your brothers and sisters, regardless of their colour, their beliefs and the way that they choose to worship. 

It has been said that the only way to God is through me.  This statement should not cause separation, judgment nor the belief that unless one is a Christian or follows the Christian belief that they cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Look to your heart and feel beyond and see if that was the true meaning of this statement.  Would it be possible, for those that truly know me, that I would exclude any from my Fathers kingdom?  Was this my way? My teachings?  Is this the way of Love?  I ask you to search your heart for the truth.

All can come to God if their hearts are pure and their desire is such.  Christ consciousness simply means to have a pure heart and desire to love and know God.  There are many rooms within the Father’s house where there is Love.  Do not be fearful of another’s’ chosen way to God nor believe that God does not recognize any pure heart wherever it may be.

There are so many of pure heart and each of them travels within the religion or belief system that best suits their individual needs for the gaining of wisdom and expression.    I ask you to look through the eyes of the Father and to feel what is true to your own hearts. 

Within each form of religion and belief there has always been at least one to show the way – to be an example to those that would follow that particular way in order to understand God.   It matters not what name God is known by – it matters not how one purifies his being – just that one does.











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