Baby Samuel's Hand Reaches from the Womb
   Spiritual Life and Mortal Life are precious to God - Contribute for the Good of the Faithful
     Real Christians Organize through a Systematic that Establishes Truth
    LEGAL ONLY POPES  have NO binding authority in regard to faith and morals
     To knowingly vote for a Freemason or member of another Secret Society is Sufficient Reason to Suffer Eternal Condemnation.
   Conservatives - Liberals - Traditionalists  hold false pope in High Esteem
   Justifiable Homicide is acceptable in defense of self, of family, of any innocent person regardless of age
     Birth Control from the Biblical Perspective
     Talk given to teenage girls by repentant prostitute
     Having Masses said for the departed - Praying to saints - Purgatory is not a place of punishment but a place stubborn people who did not quite get the reality of Jesus' messages.
     maestros/ los líderes - por el portavoz nativo
     Corrupted Schools by Cornelia R. Ferreira
     we are to be judged and the just will judge angels
     Requirements for holding office legally and morally
     Risk of STD's, Cancer & other Diseases Greater for the Uncircumcised
     Why not be ridiculous ?
     In the original Constitution of the United States contained a 13th Amendment that seems to no longer be recognized as being in existence.
     Explaining the difference between natural sexual activity and that which is unnatural ! -- How is unnatural sex categorized?  What acts are SODOMY?
     Conditions for receiving an indulgence
     Abortion is condemned and may bring automatic excommunication
     Legal  vs  Moral Priesthood - Question concerning legal only priests and their ability to consecrate the Holy Eucharist
   Reason for the Catholic practice of abstaining from meat on all Fridays of the year
     Tithing to parishes with homosexual priests or those who defend any form of sodomy is mortally sinful.  Funds must also be withheld from diocesan collections including Catholic Charity drives.
     Only a moral pope can make infallible declarations or declare someone to be a saint.
   The Anti-Priests is a presentation on infiltration of communists into the Catholic Priesthood.  This story –presented as factual– has parallels to the times and circumstances of Pope John Paul II - (DOB: 5/18/1920).
  The real presence of Jesus is denied at most Masses - 70% of Catholics deny the real presence - Suggested Mass Revisions: CLICK HERE
     Novus Ordo Mass developed by Pope Paul VI contains heresy.  Without needed corrections it must be considered as being illicit.
     Critique of the Latin Mass
     Allah is a God construct manufactured by the false prophet Mohammed ( a warlord and conqueror )
     Each prayer of the Rosary and other common prayers said in Latin at a moderate speed then repeated in a slower rate.
     Juries have the right to cancell out  the effects of unjusst courts.
     Pope John Paul II is considered as anathama (condemned).  Hold the cursor on a letter below to see contnet of web page then click on one of interest.
     Traditional Papal Coronation Oath not taken by Pope John Paul II -- He knew that he would never fullfil the oath  taken by his predecessors         Vatican run by Freemasons & Homosexuals -- Infiltration of the hierarchy by illuminati and perverts.                                        Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) illustrated as being an Anti-Priest
               .          Vsatican Nudity Restored under the Authority of Pope John Paul II - CLICK on the various pictures to get the full effect of the presentation                                                            There were six Visions at Fatima beginning May 13, 1917 - Lucia, the oldest visionary, was born March 22, 1907 and is still living as of January 2005
     There is only one True God and only one True Church - We are to be one in faith and practice.
     Each of the following letters is a  link to interesting graphics -  many may consider some of them difficult to see.

               Science vs Religion concerning life at conception.          Vsatican Nudity Restored under the Authority of Pope John Paul II - CLICK on the various pictures to get the full effect of the presentation
      Archbishop Oscar Hugh Lipscomb - a Legal bishop  Archbishop  vs.
    Father Trosch

       Major causes of early African-American Deaths     Black Genocide
       Much breast cancer caused by woman's own actions     Breast Cancer
    SELF Caused

      Freemasons  Freemasons
      Islam - Muslims  Islam - Muslims
      Homosexuals  Homosexuals
      Feminists  Feminists
      Death Penalty  Death Penalty¿
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        Tithe vs Charity   The Goal of Creation and Process of Development
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       Who were considered as brothers and sisters of Jesus   Jesus' Brothers
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    1 Tim 2:15  --  Women Saved through Motherhood +
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   "Ode to an Unborn Child" by John T. Cain
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