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Bínai Bírith to UN Security Council: Condemn Syrian Terror

Odelia Hobera, 26, died today, the fifth victim of the deadly attack on Israeli civilians in the Tel Aviv suicide bombing.

Last Friday night in Tel Aviv should have been peaceful. But the peace of Shabbat was ripped apart, as were the five victims of the latest terrorist assault by Islamic Jihad. It is reprehensible that once again Islamic Jihad, with the full knowledge of Syrian intelligence services, chose to set off a car bomb murdering innocent Israelis. It is more than disappointing that the Palestinian Authority has thus far stopped short of closing down the terror cells operating within their borders. Read More >>>

Liberation in Europe Ė 60 Years Later
The world remembered the horrors of the Holocaust and reaffirmed that it will never forget the events of the past. The Special Session at the United Nations and events in Poland--as well as numerous other ceremonies around the world--commemorated the 1.5 million Jews that perished at Auschwitz and also recalled the 6 million Jews that perished in the worst period of Jewish history. Read More>>

B'nai B'rith Looks to a ďNew Period of Calm and HopeĒ
B'nai B'rith welcomes the agreement by Israel and the Palestinian Authority to end hostilities. We hope that after four and a half years of the current intifada, "a new period of calm and hope" will follow, to use Prime Minister Sharon's phrase. Read More>>

Bínai Bírith and the Presidentís Social Security Agenda: Let the Debate Begin!
Bínai Bírith is pleased that President George Bush used his time in front of the American people during the yearly State of the Union address to raise the issue of Social Security. Read More >>>

B'nai B'rith Leaders Meet Outgoing President of Uruguay
On Feb. 3 a meeting was held between the leadership of B'nai B'rith District 28 and Jorge Battle, the outgoing president of Uruguay. Read More >>>

Contact Members of Congress about the Genocide in Sudan

Do you feel safer now than you did immediately following 9/11?  Vote Now >>>

350th Celebration

B'nai B'rith Helps with Tsunami Relief
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